Post-Click Marketing this is where you achieve real payback on your website investments.

An effective Search Marketing programme is not just about getting onto page one of Google and driving more visitors to you website. The real objective of any search marketing campaign is to convert those new website visitors. But what does that mean?

Convert them into what?

The answer to that is simple…whatever you want! Be that prospects, referrers, subscribers, customers, clients.

You will have achieved a ‘conversion’ when you persuade a website visitor to do something that you want them to do. This could be filling in an enquiry form, downloading an e-book or ‘white paper’ (after you have captured their e-mail address of course) buying from your e-shop or ‘phoning you to request a meeting.

It sounds pretty obvious right? But you would be amazed how many businesses that have invested time and money in expensive websites have completely failed to consider how to even begin to properly manage website visitors so that the visit turns into a conversion which has some value to the organisation.

Leaving Profits on the Table

Businesses that are not focussed on developing their website content to drive conversions are missing out on so many new opportunities to gain new revenues and increase their market share.

This is why we here at Search Internet Marketing have begun to concentrate on what is called Post-Click Marketing – which is all about how you engage with your audience after they have clicked on to your website through to the point where they convert.

Control the Journey to Conversion

Post-Click Marketing concentrates on the ‘journey’ that you take your website visitors with the destination being whichever conversion outcome you want.

So when you are focussed on getting your web traffic to convert you will need to develop a plan to achieve that. Your plan will need to go much further than simply adding in a couple of landing pages.

An effective conversion strategy will involve the creation and arrangement of multi-format content e.g. video, text, infographics, images, podcasts etc. All of this content must be tailored to address the specific needs of your audience as they arrive on your website. This will require your business to really understand the make up or the various characteristics of your target audience and what they will be looking for from your website at various points in the decision making/buying process.

In short, for a really effective post-click marketing strategy you will break down your target audience into various ‘personas’ and then examine what each of these individual personas would require at each stage of the decision making process. This will ensure that no matter who – within your target audience – lands on your website, and whatever stage of the decision making process they are at (e.g. early stage research or ready to buy right now) your site will have the information and the answers that they are looking for. For more information on this see ‘Developing a Content Strategy’ specifically look at the Content Grid

Once you have this content in place you then need to ensure that it is always leading the site visitor to take the action(s) that you want at that particular stage.

To get your post-click marketing to do the job you want – which is to drive up your conversion rate to be the best it can be – isn’t a simple or an easy task. It will require knowledge about the various personas which make up your target audience and it will certainly involve the creation and development of new content as well as the clever arrangement and management of that content at each stage. But when you get the strategy right you will dramatically improve the performance of your website and gain significant new revenues.

If you have any questions or would like help developing your Post-Click Marketing strategy please contact us – we would be delighted to hear from you.