Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy that Works for Your Business

What is Social Media ?

For a concise definition of Social media definition try this:  Social Media uses Internet and mobile based technologies to support interactive dialogue between organisations, communities, and individuals.

Examples of Social media technologies, or platforms, would be the ones which most people are aware of and probably already use to a greater or lesser extent; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, other examples would include Pinterest, Flickr, Google+ to name just a few.

However you define it, without doubt Social Media has dramatically changed the way we use the Internet and the way in which we can communicate and interact with people or with businesses and organisations.

In the year 2012, social media became one of the most powerful sources for news updates through platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

It is undeniable that the Social Media revolution has happened and social media forms an integral and critical element in the working and social lives of billions of people. (Yes – billions).

So the key question is how can you, as a small locally based business or a new or developing business use Social Media to help you achieve your business objectives?
The short answer is through Social Media Marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Here’s another short, concise definition; ‘Social Media Marketing is all about using one or more of the social media platforms to promote you / your business or organisation. Social Media Marketing leverages social media to engage in conversations with your target audience in pursuit of key marketing objectives.’

The critical word here for us here is “conversations.”  Social Media Marketing has established itself as a fundamental method of reaching out to, and engaging with your target audiences.  Social media marketing has replaced traditional broadcast marketing with individual or group conversations.

The bottom line here is that Social Media Marketing can provide businesses with tremendously powerful options to engage with your target audience in ways which simply were not possible before.

However this leads naturally to the next obvious question;

Will Social Media Marketing Work for My Business?

The glib answer to this question is “Yes”. In truth all businesses should be able to gain benefits from Social Media Marketing. But a simple “yes” does not take into consideration whole raft of considerations that can make mean that you fail to get the outcomes you want from social media marketing and then the yes becomes a big fat No!

To make Social Media Marketing work for your business you need to have a properly developed and well resourced Social Media Strategy.  Without a strategy in place it’s likely that you will simply join the thousands of other businesses out  there who dived headfirst (or were pushed) into the social media pool only to find that they were floundering and unable to make any meaningful impact.

Of course – before you can even start to develop a strategy for social media marketing you need to have a set of objectives and goals to aim at.  Remember this – ‘A man going nowhere will always get there’.

So the message here is a simple one but not many small businesses have taken it on board; Social Media Marketing will benefit your business but only if you define realistic objectives and develop a clear strategy to achieve them which includes an effective monitoring and measuring process to keep you on track.

What do I do next?

Well in fact we have just laid out the logical next actions in the paragraph above – set SMART * objectives (*Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound) and develop a clear Social Media Marketing strategy.

But all of that is much easier said than done – so this is what we think you should do next. Call us. We would be delighted to chat to you about your business and your target audience. We can help you to set objectives and to develop an effective Social Media Marketing strategy that won’t blow your budget and which can provide a real return on your investment.

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