What is Page 1, Position 1 on Google worth to your business?

Ever wondered what the value to your business was of being page 1 position 1 on Google?

Everyone talks about getting their website found on page one of Google but what will that mean in terms of traffic?

Know we know because Chitika (an online ad network) have just completed a study looking at how much of the available Google search traffic* you can expect to get for each of the top 15 positions in Google.

*Let me just define what I mean by “available traffic” – if the keyword phrase ‘SEO Company Swindon’ had 1,000 searches per month on it via Google that 1,000 would be the available search traffic figure.

So, looking at the graph below we can see that if you held page 1 position 1 in Google for SEO Company Swindon you could expect to get 33% of that 1,000 i.e. 330 site visitors. If you held position 2 on page one of Google then you would be looking at just under 18% or 180 visits.


If you prefer a chart to a graph here you go;

graph of results

What may surprise you is the rapid tail off of the percentages even on page 1. Even a top five position is only getting 5% of the available traffic. So quite clearly, not only should you be aiming for a page 1 ranking but you really need to muscling right into the top three positions to get best results.

Be aware also that if you add it all the websites which appear on page one will take over 90% of the available search traffic.  That means if your competitors are on page one and your business is not you need to do something about it – and quickly – if you want to get any return on investment from your website.

How accurate are these results?

That’s a good question and I am glad I asked it! The bottom line is it’s hard to say – a bit of a kop out I know but there it is. The reason for saying that is because there are still a lot of variables to factor in even when you have achieved a page 1 position in the Google rankings.  For example your ‘snippet’ ‘now becomes crucial in persuading the searcher to click on you rather than the search returns above or below you. A really well-crafted snippet may attract traffic even if it is in a lower position on the page.

Also if the searcher is looking for a local service provider they may ignore the search returns that are not overtly in their area and select to click on sites that are lower down the page but clearly in their locality.

Other studies have been produced which show different results. A study in 2012 by Compete.com  gave the top of page 1 a whopping  53% share of the available traffic and 2nd place just 15% with 3rd to 5th getting 9%, 6% and 4% respectively.  While a study by Slingshot SEO scored position 1 at 18.2% with positions 2 – 5 getting 10.05%, 7.22%, 4.81% and 3.09% respectively.

So we can only treat these findings as general guidelines but without doubt the fact remains that the higher up the rankings you are the more traffic you will attract.

This is only half the story…

Ok so we have established that it is pretty much an imperative to get your business onto page one of Google and as far up the stack as you can. But even if you manage to scramble all the way to the top of the pile and sit proudly at position 1 you have only achieved half the mission. What you will need to focus on next is Conversion. That is making sure that the new traffic that you are driving to your website actually converts into profit. Not getting the Conversion stage right will just leave you with impressive site visitor traffic stats and no increase in the bottom line.

If you would like to know more about this subject or if you would like to see how we might be able to help your business gain high page one rankings on Google please just  give us a call 0845 2011671 or contact us here Page One on Google Please We would be delighted to hear from you.