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More than ever before content is crucial to the success of your website.

More than ever before content is crucial to the success of your website. If you do not have great content on your website then it’s unlikely that your website will ever be found by your target audience and even if it is, you will not hold them on your site and engage properly with your website visitors who will simply leave your site – most likely for your competitors!

For success online you need to create a content strategy designed to ensure that your business is easily found through search engines and that your site appeals directly to your target audience. To achieve this your content needs to be engaging, appealing, original and informative and above all relevant and up to date at all times.

Website Content is not just words – it is also images, video, podcasts, infograms it all plays a critical role in creating compelling content which keeps your website visitors engaged with your business and leads them to take the actions that you want them to take, in other words; to ‘do what you want them to do’. That may be; place an order, fill out an enquiry form, request a call back, subscribe to your newsletter. When they do these things then you have converted that site visitor and conversions are the payback for your investment in Internet marketing.

A Content Strategy is Key to Creating and Maintaining Great Content

Great content really will make your website stand out and will drive those conversions and deliver bottom line profit.  It also underpins any Search Marketing campaigns. But…

Creating and maintaining your website content at the level it needs to be at, means that you must first develop a well-planned content strategy and allocate both time and resources to delivering that content plan. For most smaller businesses this is a really tough challenge – there is never enough time and it’s unlikely that you have the right people with the right skills in the business to deliver a content strategy – no matter how critical it is to your online success.

For this reason many successful smaller businesses, those who understand the real value of maintaining ‘great content’, choose to outsource their content creation and development requirements. We don’t need to be psychic to know what you are thinking now… “Well how much would that cost?!” We think you’ll be surprised – in a good way!

At Search Internet Marketing we have teams of experienced writers and content creators who can take your Content strategy and make the plan a reality, and we can provide this service this at a cost that is totally realistic and affordable for smaller businesses.

We can do this because we have structured Search Internet Marketing Ltd. to deliver for the smaller business sector. We have deliberately chosen not to target the bigger players with their large corporate marketing budgets – instead we have opted to focus on businesses that have limited budgets to spend on internet marketing. That means that our pricing structures have to reflect what our clients are typically able to afford.

Why have we chosen to work with the smaller business sector?

For three key reasons;
1) We are a small business ourselves right now and that makes it much harder for us to compete in the corporate space against the bigger more established agencies who have existing client lists and large entertainment budgets.
2) The Small Business market place is huge! Collectively much bigger than the corporate market space. We know that we will be able to develop a large and successful business by correctly serving this sector – that means offering Internet marketing services that deliver payback and profit to our clients at prices that they can reasonably afford, and we have built our business model around being able to deliver that.
3) We like dealing with the smaller businesses – we understand their issues and challenges – after all, we are one ourselves. But also smaller businesses tend to be more dynamic, they make decisions quicker and they are often much more innovative and enterprising that the larger businesses and they challenge us constantly to improve and deliver more. That makes it an exciting place to be and we like that – very much.

Our Web Content Development Processes

Please follow these links if you would like to understand more about how we can work with you to create a web content development strategy . Or if  you would simply like to talk to someone about this please just call Steve or  Casey  on 01793 752771 or email here  web content development.It would be great to hear from you and we look forward to helping you.