Search Internet Marketing was created to serve the needs of smaller businesses who want to develop and manage successful Internet strategies to help their organisations to grow and develop but who are opposed to paying the high corporate agency prices for these services.

Of course if you want a successful Internet strategy you are going to need a website or some sort of Internet presence to work from. If not a website it could be a Blog or a Facebook business or Google+ business web page.

We can provide these for you and your business at very competitive prices. For example our websites start at just £249.

We know the old saying that you get what you pay for and so pricing our starter website packages at such a low price might lead people to think that they won’t get a quality website for that price.

To be honest you should question why we are willing to build websites at such a low price.  This is why. We have chosen to focus on the small – medium sized business marketplace. So we understand the budget challenges that new small businesses face when starting out. We also know that small businesses will become larger businesses with bigger budgets and we believe that if we’ve done a great job in providing you with a true value for money website to help your business to get going, then you’re likely to come back to us when you are ready to expand and in the meantime you will tell others how pleased you are with what we have done for you and that will help our business grow.

So yes, we are taking a gamble but we think it’s one that will pay off, for both of us.

If you would like more information on the types of business websites and Internet business pages we can build for you and their prices, please contact us or simply call us on 01793 752771. We’d be delighted to help you.