Video Content For Small Businesses Websites

Video is becoming increasingly important for websites. It can be extremely effective in making your website work for your business.

At Search Internet Marketing we believe that websites are going to be transformed by the use of video. We are entering the age of the website video.  We have worked hard to create website video packages tailored for our start up and smaller business or local company clients.

Website video will give your business a real advantage online. We can deliver professional website video packages at very affordable small business prices.

We can offer a package of up to 10 professionally made “talking heads” or interview style videos for just £500. This represents fabulous value for money.

Website Videos from £50. How can we do this?

Here’s how…we have formed a partnership with a professional video production company who share our belief that the cost of professionally made video has been far too expensive for the majority of companies and organisations who are not larger corporate businesses. We have worked to develop an ultra low cost website video package for small and medium business.

We can achieve this by carefully structuring the way that we work each project so that we can condense as much filming as possible into a 3 hour time frame. We also use the latest in post-production and teleprompter technology which dramatically cuts down the number of retakes required and allows our clients to speak directly into the camera without hesitating, stumbling over words or losing the thread and having to start again. This means we can film more videos more efficiently and edit them less but still deliver a thoroughly professional product.

Finally we believe that by pricing our website video packages so realistically and making them affordable to any business, even start ups, we will be able to keep our order books filled with projects. That means we make full use of our investment in the expensive video production equipment required to produce top quality, professional videos. It also means that we will not need to inflate our prices to cover ‘quiet periods’ as many other video production companies have to do.

These are the reasons we can offer you such a fantastic deal on website video.

How Website Video will Boost Your Business

Having video on your website has a number of key benefits to your website and ultimately your business;

  • The Search Engines like video.

Video on your website will give your website a boost in the Search Engine rankings. Video is what is known as ‘rich content’. Simply put, websites which include video in their content mix will be better regarded than websites that don’t have any video – all other things being equal. So a website with videos will get a boost from the search engines.

  • Video is an excellent communication tool.

Studies by educational researchers suggest that approximately 83% of human learning occurs visually, and the remaining 17% through the other senses – 11% through hearing, 3.5% through smell, 1% through taste, and 1.5% through touch.
– The studies suggest that three days after an event, people retain 10% of what they heard through a spoken presentation, 35% from a visual presentation, and 65% from a visual and oral presentation. So giving your website visitors an alternative way to learn key information via video makes great sense.  Also many people would prefer to watch a short 40 – 60 second video rather than read a couple of pages of text.

The Mobile Revolution – Website Video comes of age.

The mobile revolution started in earnest in 2011 and is having dramatic impact on the way that we use the internet.
One of these key impacts is the fact that we can access the internet on the move, we don’t have to be sat at a desk in an office or connected via cables to routers. Mobile devices such as smart phones, iPads and other similar devices enable us to search the internet and consume information wherever we may be. However reading websites on small screen devices is not always easy or enjoyable but having all the key information on the website presented via a series of short videos would be ideal on a smartphone.

We believe it is this requirement to consume information while on the move that will drive massive growth in website video.  We also believe that businesses which gear up to deliver content effectively to their mobile site visitors will gain a significant advantage over their competitors who only have written content and images on their websites.

This is why we have been so keen to develop an extremely cost effective website video solution for our smaller business clients.  Website video is going to be a major factor in determining whether your website really pays back as an investment for your business or simply fails to deliver.

To understand exactly how we can help your website to be found online and to deliver benefits and returns for your business please just contact us today. We’d be delighted to chat to you.

By the way – just in case you were wondering – there are 884 words in this section of our website. All of these words, all this valuable information, could be presented via video in less than 3 minutes.