Can Twitter Really Help Your Business?  

 Our personal one to one online training course designed to give you course designed to give you all the information you need to know about using Twitter to develop your business.

This personal course is delivered in 2 hours for just £199 + vat.  

This one to one course is delivered by our Social Media expert in 2 hours.  

This short course is ideal for you if you are interested in understanding exactly what Twitter is and how Twitter might help your business to :

  • Drive more sales
  • Build relationships with prospective customers and existing clients
  • Enhance your online profile and reputation
  • Provide more effective customer support
  • Stay ahead of the competition with the latest news and developments in your business area

Then this short course is ideal for you.

Our 2 hour focussed “Twitter for Business” course covers all you need to know to make decisions about the value of Twitter for your business. Those who take the course will understand fully how this key social media platform could be used within their business.

This is what  the course covers;

•What is Twitter and How to Work It?

• Understanding the Lingo & Navigating around Twitter

◦Twitter handles
◦What are ‘Mentions’
◦The benefits of ‘Retweeting’
◦I know what a Hash Brown is – but what’s a Hash Tag?
◦What is ‘Trending?’
◦Adding video to tweets
◦How to find really interesting/useful people to follow
◦How to Organise your Followers
◦How to successfully Navigate around Twitter
◦How to See who’s Following you
◦Monitoring mentions of you or your company
◦Using Twitter as a search tool and a resource

•How can Twitter help your business?

◦Build credibility
◦Promote products and services
◦Improve Customer services
◦Staying on top and keeping up to speed

•How to Win Followers

◦Get Quality Followers forget about the Quantity.
◦How to Write a good bio’.
◦Benefits of Posting regularly
◦How to Integrate Twitter into your website
◦Why Build into offline activities?
◦Replying to queries
◦What about Competitions?
◦What are Paid solutions?
◦Promoted Tweets
◦Promoted Accounts
◦Promoted Trends

•Twitter For Business Case Studies

◦Coca Cola
◦General Electric
◦Rand Fishkin

•Reporting on Twitter

◦Tracking Traffic to your site
◦ Counting Followers
◦What are ‘@ mentions’

Review of Frequently Asked Questions

Summary and close.

All this knowledge for just £199!

You need have no working knowledge of Twitter. At the end of the course, you will be able to make an informed decision about the value of Twitter for your business.

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