The UKs Digital Direction – and what it means for the SME business

2013 Report from ComScore – UK Digital Future in Focus

Here are some interesting facts hot off the press from a UK focussed ComScore report.

These statistics are particularly interesting because they show the UKs digital direction and they indicate some things that Small and Medium businesses should be considering in their efforts to be found online and make their websites work more effectively.

1) Just under 45million (44.8m) people in the UK used the internet in December 2012. Brits also spend more time online than any other European country.

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What this means to business owners  – This offers a great opportunity for businesses to engage with their target audiences – providing they have an effective internet strategy. Not having an Internet strategy for your business means you are handing a big advantage to your competitors who do have a plan.

2) The UK online video audience grew by 8% over the year. But the mobile video audience grew by 262%

What this means to business owners  – At Search Internet Marketing we believe this growth rate will accelerate through 2013. We have always said that this year will be the year of the web video. So if you don’t have a full range of videos on your website you need to get some! (We can provide you with six website videos for just £300 that is a fantastic deal! See website video for more details.)

3) Page views from Non-PC devices reached an all-time high with nearly 1/3 of all UK page views now from mobiles and computer

What this means to business owners – The mobile revolution has really changed the way in which we are accessing the internet and information. If your website is not ‘mobile friendly’ you will be missing out on opportunities and you will lose business to your competitors. (We can build mobile friendly websites at really affordable prices – contact us for details now)

4) In the UK, 64% of mobile users had a smartphone, but 82% of new phones acquired in December 2012 were smartphones. The rapid adoption of internet enabled devices is resulting in a more fragmented digital media landscape.

What this means to business owners  – You need a ‘mobile friendly’ website or you will lose business to your competitors. You also need to make sure that visitors to your website can access the information they need quickly and easily. They will not browse on a mobile phone the same way that they will using a PC or even a tablet. (We can build mobile friendly websites at really affordable prices and help you with your mobile strategy – contact us for details now)

5) Google maintains its strong hold of the search engine market, capturing 91% of all UK searches.

What this means to business owners  – Google is still the only real game in town as far as search engines are concerned – so if your business is not being found on page one of Google you are missing out massively. We can get you onto page one of Google. Contact us now to learn just how we could help you get found online.searching dog with magnifying glass


6) Online shopping has long become the norm with 9 out of 10 UK internet users visiting retail sites and mobile shopping is escalating with 1 in 5 Brits using their smartphone to purchase a good or service in December 2012.

What this means to business owners – If your business lends itself to E-commerce (online shopping) but you haven’t done anything about it then why not? What is stopping you from jumping into this massive market opportunity which is only going to get bigger. If you are confused about how to make your business into an e-commerce business call us today for a friendly chat or contact us and we’ll call you.jack brain hurts

To view the entire report in full follow this link ComScore report