Will Social Media Marketing work for Your Business?

The advent of Social Media has seen platforms such as; YouTube and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Pinterest and Google+ completely disrupt traditional marketing methods.

The phenomenal take up of Social Media – and changes in the way we use the Internet at work and at home – has led people to start ignoring and even rejecting the old broadcast based marketing messages. Today, with social media, it’s all about communicating in groups and even via individual conversations. This means that for an organisation trying to reach out to its target audiences, very different strategies now need to be employed.

But what most businesses really want to know is ‘Will Social Media Marketing work for my business and if so, how?’
We can answer these questions for you.

Social Media Marketing – Replacing Broadcast Messages with Conversations

Social Media Marketing has established itself as a fundamental method of reaching out to, and engaging with your target audiences.  Social media marketing has replaced traditional broadcast marketing with conversations.

In broad terms old style marketing was fundamentally based on broadcast messages, tightly crafted and controlled from the centre. The dramatic take up of social media primarily driven by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn has challenged old style approaches to marketing. The explosive growth in the use of smart phones and other mobile devices mean that it is now easier than ever to engage in social media based interactions and this is only going to accelerate the fundamental shift in the way that businesses, organisations and brands promote their marketing messages. There is no going back, the world has fundamentally changed and businesses must adapt and embrace these changes or be increasingly left behind by their competitors.

At Search Internet Marketing we offer our clients the ability to create and deliver a comprehensive Social Media Marketing strategy.

When we work with clients requiring this service we focus on the following key areas:

Setting the Strategy
We will work with you to set your key business objectives around which the Social Media strategy will be developed. Agreeing these SMART objectives will determine which Social Media platforms will be important to your business. It will also focus on  the key messages that need to be delivered via these platforms.

The strategy will also drive the creation of new content suitable to support the key messages. Content plans will be created to address all appropriate forms of content – not just written text e.g. video, apps, images, infographics etc..

Our strategy work will also set up the most effective content distribution programs and critically we will integrate processes for managing the reactions that your social media strategy will generate. Effective monitoring and management of the impact of the strategy is integral to any Social Media strategy. We include monitoring and management processes as part of our Social Media program.

The impact of Social Media marketing is not always easy to measure but it is critical to the success of any campaign and to your on-going brand development and reputation. Be aware even with best planning and preparation some reactions to your messages may well be negative and not responding effectively to negative or positive reactions could be very damaging.

If you would like us to work with you to see whether Social Media marketing will benefit your business please just ask. We’d be delighted to talk to you and help answer your questions.

Just fill in our short contact form or ping us an e-mail to sales or call Steve on Swindon (01793) 752771.

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