As part of our comprehensive range of Online or Internet Marketing services we are able to research, set up and manage Pay Per Click campaigns.

What is Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC)  is also known as Paid Search Marketing orAdwords when referring to Google’s specific solution.

Pay Per Click is all to do with the sponsored searches that appear alongside the organic search results.

The sponsored searches, or Ads, may be displayed in a shaded area above the organic search results (with Google there are  never more than 3 and in some cases there will not be any displayed) or they are  listed down the right hand side of the results pages.


In general  terms, with PPC you set up a campaign based on a selected number of keywords or phrases – when someone searches via a search engine and uses one of the phrases in your campaign then your “Advert” will be displayed. If the searcher then clicks on your advert  they will be taken to your website – in fact to a specific page in your website – and you will be charged for that click – hence the term Pay Per Click.

PPC – key benefits;

Hit the market quickly.

The main benefit with PPC is the fact that you can be on page one of Google (or other search engines) within a couple of hours of your campaign going live. This could prove tremendously powerful if you are trying to hit the market very quickly. With SEO it could take months before you get near page one.

Highly manageable.

PPC is highly manageable and controllable. You will decide how much you want to spend on PPC and the campaign can be designed around that monthly budget. Once your budget limit is reached your adverts simply stop displaying until your budget is replenished.

You can also set the amount that you are prepared to pay for each click. The average ‘click costs’ will vary depending on how competitive that phrase is. Click cost will range from a few pence to a few pounds.

If you need to pause or stop the campaign for any reason this can be done instantly.

Precise Audience Targeting.

Because you choose the keywords or phrases that will trigger your advert to be displayed when someone enters those search terms into a search engine, this means that you can tightly define the type of audience that will see your advert.

You can also target the geographical areas that you want to cover. For example if your target audience is all within 30 miles of your business you can set your PPC campaign to only display your ads to people within that geographical area.
Therefore your advert – if written correctly will be appealing directly to your target audience at exactly the moment when they have chosen to look for the products or services that you offer. Compare this to traditional broadcast advertising which is fundamentally a mass appeal to everyone in the hope that a few of those will be in a research or buying ‘mode’.

Detailed Reporting.

The systems which control the PPC programmes also provide comprehensive reporting information. You will be able to track such things as number of times your advert has been displayed (impressions) the number of times your avert was clicked and the Click Through Rate (CTR) the amount you pay per click and the average click cost. This is just some of the campaign management information that is available to you to help you refine and manage your campaigns.

Pay Per Click can really benefit your business if used correctly. If you would like to discuss this  in more detail and understand exactly how PPC can help develop your business just call us on 01793 752771 or send  us an e-mail here PPC Marketing   Or follow this link to learn more about Pay Per Click Services.

Pay Per Click Services from Search Internet Marketing

Unlike Search Engine Optimisation which can take several months before the results and benefits start to come through, PPC can deliver instant page one positions in the search engines. A PPC campaign is also highly controllable in key areas like budget spend, geographical focus, demographics and timescales. This means that Pay Per Click campaigns have a key role to play in any Internet Marketing Strategy. Our PPC Programs are based on a five stage process.

Objectives setting
Our Pay Per Click campaigns are specifically tailored to deliver against the key objectives of each individual client.

We design our clients’ PPC campaigns based on a clear understanding of what constitutes success for them and their business.

In line with this approach, we spend as much time as is necessary working with our clients to develop SMART objectives against which we will be continuously measured throughout the PPC campaign.

Comprehensive Keyword Research
Although not as critical to success as with our Search Engine Optimisation programs, because keywords can be added and removed from the campaign quickly and easily, keyword research is still a very important phase of our PPC campaigns. Selecting the right keywords/phrases can save significant costs once the campaign starts and deliver success much more quickly.

We use a combination of online tools, proven processes and techniques as well as our experience to uncover the most valuable keywords and phrases to meet your campaign objectives.

Campaign Set up
Our campaign set up involves the establishment of the target geographic locations, the writing of the adverts and the establishment of the campaign parameters including budgets, and conversion metrics designed to identify precisely which adverts and keywords are generating conversions.

Landing Page Development
Campaign Set Up also includes a review of the websites’ content as it relates to the selected keywords and where necessary the creation of specific new landing pages. Landing pages are the pages that your visitors will land on when they click on an advert. There has been much research and comment on the best way to create landing pages and we have our own processes for writing new landing pages that are designed to drive Conversions.

Campaign Management – it’s all about Conversion
Pay Per Click campaigns by their nature produce large amounts of useful management data. We use this data to regularly measure and refine our campaigns. We are constantly looking to optimise the campaigns to deliver the highest possible conversion rates at the lowest cost per conversion.