Build Website Links and Grow Your Business

Creating an effective link building strategy should be a key part of your Search Engine Optimisation SEO and on-line marketing plan, but simply generating lots of links is not a real strategy and will not help you much, if at all. In fact if you end up with the wrong links it will do you more harm than good. You need to build quality inbound links.
Link building is one key aspect of Search Engine Optimisation and it has received a great deal of attention recently within the SEO world following the Panda and Penguin algorithm changes which had sent the SEO industry running around for a while.

What are the main benefits of a link building program?

  • Drive traffic to your site – inbound links are pathways to your website and will bring in new visitors
  • Boost your Search Engine rankings – sites with good inbound (and outbound) links can expect to get a higher ranking from the Search Engines
  • Building good quality links also builds credibility and trust around your site. When important, popular and respected sites link to your site this confers status, authority and trust on your site. In effect these links endorse your site.

 Successful Link Building Needs Great Website Content

This is a crucial point to understand. Without good (some would say great) content you will not be able to achieve a sustainable and effective link building strategy. Your Link Building Plan will need to be fully integrated with your Content Plan. You do have a Content Plan right?

Your Link Building strategy should be built on three piers:

  • A Content Plan to create great content on your site
  • Gaining in-bound links from quality, authoritative, respected and relevant sites
  • A managed selection of out-bound links to valuable relevant information/resources sites that will benefit your target audience.

Linking for the sake of linking is of no real value to your site, in fact it can be detrimental to your ranking position. A small number of links from popular and relevant sites are worth much more than hundreds of links from sites not relevant to your website.

Before you start your link building strategy make sure you understand your customers and visitors – what do they want to see and get from your site? What is important to them? What keeps them coming back?

 How does link building boost your Search Engine Ranking?

 In simple terms if someone links to your site you get credit for that (often referred to as ‘link juice’). If you link to someone else’s site then they get the juice. It’s important to keep as much as possible of this link juice on your site and not let it flow out.

As you know, not all sites have equal standing in the view of the Search Engines therefore not all links bring the same level of juice. For instance a link from a relevant, popular, industry recognised site, with a high page rank – maybe a government or academic site, will bring much more credit than a link from a zero page ranked, low traffic commercial site.

Page Rank was developed by Google to differentiate a sites “value” or importance. Page Rank is a measure of how valuable Google believes a site to be. Page Rank has a significant effect on link credits. Developing an effective link building strategy is about getting quality links that will drive traffic to your site and boost your Search Engine rankings.

 Link Building is not just about SEO

 An effective link building strategy will certainly boost your search engine ranking and that will inevitably drive more traffic to your website. But the end game for any successful link building strategy must be to increase your conversion rate i.e. you sell more stuff, recruit more subscribers, make your site more valuable to advertisers etc.

So with that as the objective, when new visitors start arriving at your site your content had better be up to scratch or they will just leave without converting.

Furthermore – sticking with the issue of content. Think about why people would want to link to your site? What would make a website owner want to put a link to a page in your website on their own site. After all, when they do that they are taking traffic away from their site, even if only temporarily. So what motivates them to do this? The answer is simple – they see more value in linking than in not linking. They recognise that that particular piece of content on that particular page of your website will add value to their own target audience and so they want to link their site to that page, because it enhances the value of their site when they do that.

Therefore an effective link building strategy is as much about your content development as it is about building links!

An effective link building strategy will involve providing additional content and resources to match the needs and requirements of your site visitors. This in turn makes your site more attractive to new links and that further increases traffic. In effect you create a virtuous spiral of traffic, links, more traffic and more links.

Once you achieve this you can congratulate yourself but don’t rest on your laurels because maintaining success will demand an on-going commitment. Once your content starts to go stale your traffic levels will drop and the whole thing could go into reverse!

Link building is a time consuming exercise that will take some time before results show. But if you can develop an effective link building strategy it will pay back – and all the time and effort you put in will be well worth it.

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