Is your current website mobile friendly?

How well will your website perform on a smart phone?

If your business is in a market that offer products and services that are likely to be searched for by people on the move then you really should make sure you have a website that is designed specifically for mobile devices.

It is estimated that 1.08 billion SMART phones are used worldwide and by 2014 mobile internet should take over desktop internet usage*.   This powerful statistic cannot be underestimated and it represents good sound planning to get your online mobile presence visible now.

Steve Dye a Director of Search Internet Marketing Ltd., online marketing specialists says “We are seeing a real and significant shift in the way people with smart phones and other mobile devices are using the internet. People are accessing the internet outside of their office environments while on the move, they are looking for information and they need that information presented to them in a way they can deal with, while on the move.”

As the smartphone screen is much smaller, effective website design is paramount to enhance the user experience.  Sites will need to be adapted and optimised specifically for the mobile device market. Mobile users will want to find the information they need quickly and easily, without a lot of intervention on their part. If you don’t want your mobile site visitors giving up on you, you need to ensure that online tasks and transactions can be completed with minimal effort and then you need to consider how to make this work on a smaller screen resolution some of the things to consider would be;

  • placing buttons/links in the right space so that they can be touched individually without accidentally targeting others
  • chopping down content and navigation labels so that they communicate effectively within a small space and minimising the features on offer so that the screen is not too cluttered
  • adding a ‘touch to call’  function

If you feel that your website is not going to perform well in this new mobile marketplace you do need to take action now. You can rest assured that your competitors will be.


*Source: Microsoft Tags