SEO Tip – Internal Page Links

Here is an interesting tip when it comes to internal linking of pages within your website. It’s a bit of a techie one this so be prepared to concentrate!

This information came from an article posted in SEOMoz which is a Search Marketing resource that we are subscribed to here at Search Internet Marketing. I have added a link to the original article at the end of this post.

When you are setting up internal links in your website (i.e. linking from page to page) and you want to use these links to promote target keywords by including them in the anchor text of the link – for example; “Learn more about SEO Company Swindon here” – be aware that only the first anchor text to a given target page would be counted by Google.

So what does this mean in terms of using internal links to promote your Search Engine Optimisation strategy? Well let’s say you are a Copywriting Business and as part of your SEO programme you are targeting the phrase “Website Content Writing”. On your home page you have a top navigation menu which has in it;

 Home| About Us| Content Creation| Newsletters| E-mail Marketing| Contact Us 

Further down the page in the “body content”  you have placed a link that will take visitors to your page about Content Creation where you have a section on Website Content Creation, and being a bit SEO aware you have used the phrase “Website Content Writing” as the anchor text in the link.

Sounds exactly right – but here’s the thing – tests show that Google doesn’t appear to count the anchor text from multiple links to a target from a single URL. So that second link is not going to help you get found for “Website Content Writing” because Google will only count the first link to your Content page and that first link is in your top navigation.

Any questions on this please ask.

Here is the original SEOMoz Article from which this SEO Tip is derived.



Oh yes – Jack just said don’t forget to use internal links in your webpages for the benefit of your site visitors. Don’t  just focus on the SEO side of things. No search engine will ever buy anything from you. Only people will do that!