Google Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) Consultancy Services for the UK

There are four main elements to any Google Adwords Pay Per Click Campaign that we develop and manage;

PPC Consultancy Services UK – Step One

Keyword Research & Analysis:We work to understand your business and identify the key words and phrases that your target audience is using when they search online for the products and services that your company provides. We call this understanding the “search landscape” that you are operating in. Understanding the way your target audience search for the products or services that you are providing is crucial to developing a successful Adwords or any Pay Per Click campaign.

PPC Consultant Services for the UK – Step Two

Google Adwords Account Creation: We will set up a properly structured well targeted Adwords account. If necessary we will create multiple campaigns under the main Adwords Account. These can be set up to have varied budgets and target different geographical locations.

All campaigns will have logical, correctly themed ad-groups operating under each campaign with well-targeted keywords and phrases linked to highly relevant and appropriate destination or

landing pages.

We will always be working to achieve the highest possible Quality Scores across the campaign. In this way your Google Adwords campaign will be as cost effective and efficient as possible.

Google Adwords PPC Consultancy & Management – Step Three

Account Management and Maintenance – Testing and Measuring

Once the Adwords campaign has been launched it is important to monitor the performance closely and make any necessary changes and enhancements.

  • Adding Negative Keywords & Phrases
    As necessary we will add negative keywords to ensure that you don’t pay for irrelevant clicks.
  • Adding New Keywords & Phrases
    We closely manage the campaign and will look to identify opportunities to add additional new key-phrases that will generate more relevant clicks.
  • Using Match Types Effectively
    We work across the full range of match types; Broad, Phrase and Exact and we will look to manage the target keywords and phrases within each of these match types so that you get the most effective returns on your PPC investment
  • Improving Quality Scores.
    We focus closely on continuously trying to improve your Google Adwords Quality Scores. By doing this we can improve the performance of your Adwords PC Campaign and get better results for you. Quality Score is a clever feature added by Google to their Adwords service. Quality score involves several factors related to the keywords selected, the adverts associated with your ad groups and the effectiveness of your landing pages. Getting high quality scores is not easy and low quality scores will hurt your campaign.
  • More Clicks – Less Cost
    Our Goal with all our Managed Google Adwords campaigns is to get you the highest number of clicks for the least amount of cost. Properly structured and correctly managed PPC campaigns are essential to achieve this.

Our PPC Consultancy Service – Step Four

The End Goal is Conversion
Once the  PPC visitor has reached your website the critical thing is then getting them do what you want them to do – e.g. place an order, fill in an enquiry form, subscribe to a newsletter or whatever.  If they do it then that is a conversion and it’s conversions that deliver you success in any PPC Campaign.
We are very focussed on driving the highest number of conversions for your Google Adwords campaign. Quite simply we know that if you make from Google Adwords then you will keep using us.

For this reason we do all the things above plus we also focus on:

  • Continuous Testing of Your Google ‘Ads’
    we are looking to find the best possible advert for each particular keyword or phrase being targeted. To achieve this we always set up at least two adverts to compete against each other. After a period of time the one that performs best is retained and another ad is put up against it and the process repeated.  In this way we are constantly refining the ads to become as effective as possible.
  • Creating landing pages that Convert
    Landing pages are critical elements in the PPC campaign. A poor landing page will drag down your Quality Score and won’t lead to Conversions. If necessary, we will create new landing pages for individual ad-groups. These will be expertly written to maximise the impact of the landing page and drive conversions.
  • Capturing and Measuring Conversions
    To make sure you always know exactly how well your Google Adwords campaign is performing we will embed conversion tracking code into your website which will capture the number of conversions achieved by the campaign at the ad-group level.
    this will give us a clear view of the return on investment achieved by campaign and will allow us to manage the campaign to better success.


To get your new Google AdWords Account set up or to ask us to Optimise an existing Adwords campaign call us today or email us using this link PPC Consultancy Services. We’d be delighted to hear from you.