Will Social Media Marketing Work for Your Business?

Social Media is a hot topic in marketing right now there is a great deal of hype surrounding it.
What you need to know is whether Social Media is something that will benefit your business and if so what do you need to do about it.

Without doubt for many businesses small or large – and especially those selling to the public – social media can play a key role in promoting the company and engaging with your target audience. But it is also fair to say that for many businesses, social media marketing may not make a significant difference. For many different reasons. It’s not easy to get these answers and many businesses feel frustrated or lost, unsure of just how to use Facebook and wary about all the hype.

What we do for our clients is to try and demystify social marketing, to show them how social media really works and to help them understand the value – or not – to their businesses.

We can do this by spending some time with you and understanding your business and then showing you ways in which social media could benefit your organisation or you can get a real understanding of Social Media for yourself by taking one or both of our special Facebook or Twitter training courses.

Delivered one to one via Skype (a free service) we will guide you through the ways in which these social media platforms operate and how other companies are using them to benefit their business.

You need have no working knowledge of Facebook. At the end of the course, you will be able to make an informed decision about the value of Facebook for your business. For more details on this course or to sign up for this course, please contact us today using the form below.

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Using Facebook for Business

A one to one educational training course designed to give you all the information you need to know about using Facebook to develop your business. Delivered by our Social Media expert in 4 hours.

As a business owner or marketing professional, you will no doubt be very aware of the potential that Facebook offers to reach a very large and targeted audience. Just the fact that it now has almost 1 billion active monthly users does mean that the site presents most businesses with substantial opportunities.

But how do you work this opportunity effectively and turn the potential into real results that payback on your Facebook marketing investment. Indeed a key question is will Facebook actually work for your business

It’s not easy to get these answers and many businesses feel frustrated or lost, unsure of just how to use Facebook and wary about all the hype.

Our 4 hour Facebook for Business course is delivered via Skype by one of our experienced social media experts at a time that suits you. This half day course costs just £250+vat and represents excellent value for money.

During the session, we will take you through everything you need to know to leverage Facebook to achieve your business goals. Extensive use is made of screen-sharing, practical examples and we will answer any question you have in clear, jargon free English.

After the course has been completed additional assistance is available to help you to go on and implement a Facebook for Business strategy.

To sign up for this course, please contact us today.

Facebook for Business One To One Training Course

Facebook Introduction.

  • Why set up a page?
    • Sell more products / services
    • Online Reputation Management – Ikea Example
    • Recruitment

How to sell more products / services

  • Grow your “mailing list” through ‘like’ acquisitions.
  • Invite Friends and Colleagues
  • Fan Only Offers
  • Fan Only Content
  • Dealshare
  • Offline Activities

How to Make Your Page Engaging

  • Link to your blog
  • Link to YouTube Video Account
  • Photo Showcase
  • Review of all North Social Applications

Case Studies

Reputation Management

  • Ikea Case Study

Recruitment on Facebook

What is edgerank?

Facebook Pay Per Click Display Advertising

  • Effective for your business?
  • Account set up demonstration.
  • Importance of tagging links.

Tracking visitors in Google Analytics.

Summary and close.