Developing a Content Strategy

It’s an obvious thing to say but your website content is crucial to the success of your website. By success we mean the ability of your website to turn site visitors into customers and clients.

Regardless of whether your website is an online shop or a promotional site, you will be looking to convert your website visitors in some way. Whether that is persuading them to buy something or subscribing to your newsletter or downloading a pdf or infogram or using your contact form and asking for an appointment. All of these actions are conversions and this is what your website should have been designed for.  What makes your site visitors take the actions you want them to take – the quality of your content that’s what.

How do you create great content that converts?

In our view you need to be able to understand your target audience and address the needs of your site visitor at whatever stage they are in their decision making process when they arrive at your website. In this way your website is always completely relevant and valuable to all your site visitors.

If someone in the early stages of the decision making process – the research phase – lands on your website at this stage they will be looking for general top level information about your products and services, they will be assessing if your website can give them the answers they need, can solve the issues they have, meet their requirements.  At this stage they may want to know about product comparisons or the benefit of one service type over another. Whereas someone about to place an order will have a very different agenda – for example price and delivery, availability, specific terms and conditions, references and testimonials, these are likely to be the sort of things that they need to know at this stage.

The Content Grid

The Content Grid  – our own developed concept – sits at the core of any content development strategy for your business. We will work with you to create a ‘content grid’ specifically for your company.

The content grid is designed to highlight what your target audience requires in terms of information at any stage of their decision making process, and to create compelling content throughout your website.

It is likely that you will have some of this information already in your website, but also highly likely that there will be a large number of gaps. Some of these gaps can be filled with content that exists already but isn’t yet on the website. In our experience however, there will still be the need to create a lot of this missing content from scratch. If that is the case we can certainly help you with that too.

With a completed content grid you will know that your target audience can arrive at your websites at any stage in the buying process and they will see the information they need, together with strong calls to action, that encourage them to do the things that you want them to do; buy something, subscribe, call you, e-mail you, download something.

Our content writing team 

Our content writing team is made up of a number of professional content creators, people skilled in the old fashioned art of writing.

All our content writers have English as their first language. We don’t use writers who do not have English as their first language because we believe that we would not get the consistent quality of writing that we are looking for and we strive to produce is quality content every time at affordable small business prices.

All the written content produced by our writing team is subjected to an SEO edit which ensures means that not only do you receive high quality, compelling content but that content is also optimised for the search engines as well meaning ensuring that the website pages will be  found by your target audience when they search online.

We can produce high quality written content at what we consider to be ridiculously low prices – less than £15 per hour. If you need help with your content writing you should contact us today. We’d be happy to discuss your requirements with you and help you put together a content development plan that will boost your business. We would be happy to hear from you

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The Content Plan

Once you have created your Content Grid the next key task  is to create  a Content Plan.  In short the content plan will detail the new content (not just text remember, think video, images, audio, infograms etc.) that you need to create – or have created for you.

In planning this we would outline a 12 month calendar with a closer focus on months 3 – 6 and a very detailed focus on months 1 -3.

We would work with you to log any events or activities and any key dates happening either in your business e.g. you are hosting a seminar, or in your industry e.g. there is a national trade show happening in 2 months  or just generally any other major event e.g. The Olympics, or a Royal Wedding etc.

Once you have a view of what is happening in and around your business we can look at how we might use these planned events to generate  new and relevant content for your website. We will also refer back to the Content Grid and highlight where you have gaps in your content, the things that your target audience will want and expect to see on your website that is missing.

After this it’s down to  prioritising the content that needs to be created to keep your site relevant and up to date and delivering all the key information that your target audience wants when they land on your website at any stage in their decision making process.

At the end of our process you will have a clear view of the new content that needs to be developed and the months, weeks and even the day  when this has to be done . (if you are running a Social Media marketing strategy the Content Plan might even break down to hours in the day when content has to be created – e.g. Tweets and other posts on Social Media platforms.

What might you need help with?

A Content Strategy
A Content Grid for Your Business
Website Content Writing
Blogging or Article Writing
SEO Content Creation
Anything else we can advise you on?

Contact us for a chat about any Content Marketing issues you have. We’d be delighted to help. Use this link Content Marketing or call on this number 01793 752771. We look forward to hearing from you.