Advantage One Security are a Gloucester based security company with clients throughout the UK with an impressive client list which includes:  BP, Welcome Break, Staples. Midlands Co-operative Society, Lloyds Pharmacy, Homebase, The Fire Service Training College, West Mercia Police, Countrywide Farmers.

Advantage One have had a website for several years but had never employed an Internet marketing strategy. They have contracted with us to fix this. They want to promote their business online and they want to generate new leads and opportunities via the website.

Our first actions were to conduct a detailed review of Advantage One’s business to understand how they worked, the services they offered and who they were looking to sell to – who was their target audience.

We then carried out detailed keyword research to understand just how people were searching online for the services that Advantage One were offering. What were the keywords and phrases that Advantage One’s potential clients were using in Google.

Once we understood this we selected all of the keyword phrases that were well searched and which matched the key services offered by Advantage One. Together with Advantage One we refined this list down to the final batch keyword phrases which were to be targeted with a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign, e.g. “Security Companies in UK”, Security Guard Companies”, “Security Guard Company”.
Our focus then moved to their website and we worked on all of the on-page factors that will impact where your website appears in the search engine rankings. In particular page content is critical and we wrote several new pages to go into the website as well as adding, correcting and adjusting other key elements on the website in line with SEO best practice.
We were then able to move to the next stage in the SEO programme which was cultivating new in-bound links – links from other websites, blogs and social media platforms which all help to boost the Advantage One website up the search engine rankings.
After just a few weeks we were seeing good results and currently we have almost all of our target keyword phrases on page one of Google many of them in the top five positions.
The results from the SEO programme for Advantage One are impressive. Website visitor traffic gas increased dramatically with new website visits up over 40%. However – increased traffic was not the main goal, they wanted to generate new leads – and ultimately win new clients – via their website and they are doing this. Their sales pipeline is now littered with new prospective clients who found them online and they have several new clients on their books as a direct result of the SEO programme.